The Best of the
Old and New

Software on Vinyl is a contract software engineering firm based in San Diego, California. We work with companies, research institutes and universities throughout the United States. Our mission: help clients introduce new software products, become more profitable, and run their IT operations more effectively.

We do this by continually applying the latest techniques and tools to create useful software that will last. Call us old-fashioned, but we take pride in our work. We’ll always deliver software that is created with care.

Local Engineering Talent that Helps
Businesses Grow

New business owners are always told to start their companies by filling an unfilled need in their markets. We did that, but in an unexpected way.

In 2009, we saw a huge demand for software engineers in California. But the need for engineers and high rates drove many companies, especially those located in the Bay Area, to hire remote and contract help. Within San Diego, there were many very talented software engineers, who worked in positions that didn’t take advantage of their abilities.

Starting Software on Vinyl gave us the chance to hire local talent, engineers who could attack the most technically varied and challenging problems that exist today.

This local talent shows up in our A-Team of programmers, project managers, IT operations engineers and graphics designers. We work in different combinations as each client or project requires.

Leading-Edge Tools and
Old-Fashioned Standards

Why the name, Software on Vinyl? Just as you would buy new music on a vinyl record, we wanted to convey the concept of software that had more permanence, or was more lasting and real. Listening to music on vinyl is more engaging and interactive. It has a sense of character and uniqueness that you can’t find in digital replicas.

We want our clients to think of the software that we create as something that is more exclusive and uniquely crafted for them. So, in each engagement, we’ll always:

Discover how our reliability, responsiveness and straight talk
can take you far beyond standard software programming services.

Reach us at or call by phone at (650) 395-7476.