You’ve decided to put software to work for your business. That’s a good first step.

We make a point of speaking plainly and letting you know what’s happening—and why—throughout the project process. In the spirit of full disclosure, here are answers to questions and summaries of how we work with clients.

If you’re doing early-stage research, or if you still have questions about our software and services, you’ll probably find your answer here. But if you still don’t learn what you need to know, contact us at We’ll fill in the blanks right away.

Q: How do clients start working with us?
After you contact us by phone, email message or online contact form, we invite you to a no-cost, no-obligation consultation. It requires only about 30 minutes of your time. Then, if we can help you, and you want to engage us further, we’ll set up a kickoff meeting.

Q: What services do you provide?
We create customized solutions for our clients and manage these solutions after projects are complete. Specifically, we:

Q: Do you charge hourly or fixed fees?
We prefer hourly contracts because they are the most fair, flexible and cost-effective option for everyone involved. Hourly billing works better with Agile programming and management methods. It enables us to design the project in stages and respond to your feedback without having to renegotiate the agreement every time we make a change.

Q: How do you bill for projects?
We usually invoice monthly with net-30 terms. If the project is fixed-fee, criteria for acceptance are clearly called out in the contract, as well as details regarding software maintenance periods, what is covered under warranty and for how long the warranty lasts.

Q: How do you charge for management, update and maintenance services that occur after the software development project is finished?
Our project managers often continue to manage the operational infrastructure of applications on an ongoing basis. And, sometimes, clients want our IT administrators to maintain and update software we create for them. We are glad to provide these services.

We usually charge hourly fees for these after-project services. However, for ongoing support, it sometimes makes more sense to charge a fixed, monthly fee. This is something we can discuss during the kickoff meeting.

Q: What happens in the kickoff meeting?
Quite a bit, really. First, we get to know more about your business and what it does. Then we discuss:

Q: How do you define when the project is done?
The project agreement will list the conditions and deliverable, which must be met before the project is considered complete. If a transition plan would help, we’ll be glad to work with you to define it.

Reach us at or call by phone at (650) 395-7476.