Big-company software engineering services for small businesses. On-demand programming expertise for the enterprise.

These advantages are available to our clients throughout the United States.

We offer a full range of programming services from our offices in San Diego, California. Although we usually work off-site on the Internet, we can work locally from your site for an additional fee. Click here to learn more.

As a contract software engineering firm, we:
Create customized software products and tools. We work with business owners, entrepreneurs and IT managers to create software from scratch and update existing software assets.

Deploy, adjust and thoroughly test our work before we complete each project.

Manage the applications and tools we create after project completion. This service includes managing virtual servers on a third-party hosted site. Because this service is not part of our projects, it requires an additional fee. Click here to learn more.

Handle out-of-warranty software maintenance, upgrades and other changes. Because this service is not part of our projects, it requires an additional fee. Click here to learn more.

Launch New Software Based Products

We create high-demand software products that you or your customers will want to sell. We can help you:

Get On-Demand Project Support

When you need help quickly or want support for a small or ongoing project, hiring an outside firm can be the best alternative. We provide a wide range of programming services. But, we focus on knowledge and skills that help you launch high-demand products and develop capabilities in today’s marketplace.

Specialized Knowledge, Tools and Experience

We create full-stack solutions for enterprise IT departments that need help with ongoing projects or initiatives. Our greatest knowledge, skills and experience lie in these areas:

We use industry-leading architectures and practices, such as:

Project Management and Design Experience

Our technical skills and more than 40 years of experience enable us to offer more than code. We understand which types of IT capabilities are crucial for your company’s or project’s success. And, we design and manage our projects with these tools, approaches and best practices:

Take the Time, Effort and Drama Out of Product Launch and External Hiring

Let us show you how our IT expertise and project management skills can simplify your next product launch or initiative. Contact Tyler at or reach us by phone at (650) 395-7476.